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My name is Yury,

and I love photographing people and products in beautiful locations.


For several years now, I have been creating photo backdrops using various materials. In January 2022, I began experimenting with paint. I used a canvas made of cotton and linen as a base. The initial results were very interesting to me and motivated me to continue my experiments. Of course, there were also failures and unsatisfactory results, but each time, I managed to learn from my mistakes and improve my production methods.

Ultimately, I managed to provide myself with canvases for art projects and commercial photography. However, I want to continue evolving and staying creative, which is why the design of the canvases is constantly being improved, and finished products are offered for sale to my colleagues.

It brings me great joy to both enjoy the process of creating photo backgrounds and using them for their intended purpose, as well as to entrust my products into the capable hands of my colleagues. Like me, my colleagues prefer to photograph not against cardboard backgrounds, but against handmade canvases, with all their unique properties and the energy of the creator.

I am delighted to introduce you to my products and would be happy if you would create your masterpieces with the support of my products in the near future. I hope you enjoy viewing my products!


Best regards

George Holst


Yury Iwtschenko

Fotostudio und Outdoor Fotografie

Am Korsorsberg 76A

26203 Wardenburg


+49 1748425975

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